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What We Offer

No matter what sort of project you have in mind, from large to small, Noir & Neutrals can take care of everything, right down to the tiniest of details. Contact us today to have a conversation about your plans and vision.


Design & Decor

Noir & Neutrals offers bespoke interior design services in the Seattle area by blending two or three different styles together to create a gorgeous and unique space. I also collaborate with clients to focus on creating spaces for their mental & physical health today and tomorrow through ergonomics, sustainability, functionality, safety, color, feng shui, balance, and providing a true wow factor.



We specialize in de-cluttering and re-organization; creating aesthetically pleasing, functional, and spacious spaces. Create space for something new to enter your life!

A well kept home is indicative of a well kept mind. We are our surroundings and that begins with our homes, especially our bedrooms.

Working together, we'll work out a detailed plan in how and what to de-clutter, bringing more clarity to the goal of your space.



In a 1-hour consultation or in an advisory role, we'll go over color schemes, floor plans, decor options, budgets, and more. Ensuring we are on the same page is of high-value to carrying out a creative vision.


Events/Culture Curation

Having an event? We can help you decorate it; enhancing fluidity and getting your message across to your guests though mental cues such as a curated playlist, a curated food & drink menu, plate/drink ware colors and shapes, and assisting with the creation of an overall flow to your event.

Work Environment


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Our Work

The clients’ vision, values, health, lifestyle, and taste are the guiding points of every project Noir & Neutrals undertakes. Quality time is spent understanding the client and the spaces' needs in order to create the best space possible. Take a look at our previous and current work to see some of our process.

All I can say is wow! I didn't know how much stuff I had collected over the years until Dom came in and helped sort everything out. I love my new space and love that I have space to now bring in items that spark joy. Thank you, Dom!


Our Work
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