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What is interior design?

To us, interior design is a subtle yet extremely powerful field with the capabilities to create functional and beautiful spaces that care for the well-being and safety of others. Physically and mentally, we are our surroundings. Our interiors can shape our lives, so to speak. Interior design can alter a mood, convey a message, change a body position, and leave an impression that lasts a lifetime.

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 Noir & Neutrals offers bespoke interior design services in the Seattle area. We collaborate with clients to create exceptional spaces for their mental & physical health today and tomorrow through ergonomics, sustainability, functionality, safety, color, and providing a true wow factor. Get in touch today to set up an initial consultation and learn our design process and principles.

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The smallest details can make the largest of impacts when it comes to designing a space. That’s where Noir & Neutrals comes in. We know how to bring these tiny details together to create a seamless design.  Creating interiors that impress in Seattle, this is where design marries connection and community. Click to learn more about Noir & Neutrals and what they can do for your design project and the community.

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"The flow of a space is the jelly to a small space peanut butter sandwich. When a place has flow, the space possesses intention and therefore will be as balanced as well as our picture frames hopefully are. What flow really means is leaving enough space for the human body to roam naturally without altering the natural body movement patterns."