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Campus Life: 2022 Spring Quarter Class Review

And that's a wrap! With the Spring quarter officially complete as of June 23rd, 2022, I can look back and fully reflect on the past 12 weeks as I prepare to move forward in the BC Interior Design program. This review will only detail the workload, outcomes, and takeaways I had but will not go into detail about any professor's pedagogy. If you'd like that information, feel free to shoot me a message or email. As a reminder, below are the classes I took for the Spring quarter of 2022.

The Classes:

Interior Design Studio 2

Modern Architecture and Design

The classes went really well! We are still virtual which works better for me in certain situations. I think the outcome with the courses being in-person would've changed this review drastically.

Modern Architecture and Design-

This class was a great one to take. It focused on the history of architecture and interior design, going into extreme detail about buildings, furnishings, and designers. The workload of this class was more than I had anticipated with four chapter readings and 4-6 assignments due per week. Most of the workload included doing a write-up with a summary of each chapter, choosing 3 motifs that defined the era, choosing 3 designers that were significant to the era, choosing 3 new vocabulary words and providing definitions, and doing either a research question, finding further sources, or making up further discussion points. On average, each chapter took about 1 hour to complete (give or take) and the lectures lasted for about 15 minutes or so. Every four weeks or so, we were expected to create a chapter guideline which is basically a compilation of the assignments in one document, and present a VIP biography of two of our favorite designers from the chapters to that point. My greatest takeaway from this class was being able to utilize what was learned and practice it in the real world. Buildings are so much more interesting now that I know and understand what they're trying to communicate.

Interior Design Studio 2-

This quarter, I expected to be pushed creatively and that's exactly what I received in Interior Design Studio 2 aka boot camp for design students. It was amazing. The goal of this class was to design an extremely small space for a clientele of our choosing. The small space? A train! By using a train, week after week saw challenges arise as the space developed and the limited space continued to shrink. In addition to navigating the small space, we also created floor plans, utilized bubble diagramming, was introduced to isometric drawings, developed perspective drawings, and took our first crack at monochromatic rendering. Modeling with foam core was done in the first two weeks but wasn't seen again after that. The final was putting any finishing touches on any drawings to reflect our final designs and putting them together in a professional presentation format. Being active with other classmates began to push me more than I ever thought. Being able to go back and forth with the professor about design after receiving feedback was extremely helpful too. My greatest takeaway from this class was to take a moment to design and then come back to the design, always asking the question "why?" and then being able to think outside of what you'd normally do.

I had a great time this quarter and was challenged in new ways. I'm excited to head into the Summer quarter where I'll be taking Design Drawing taught by the same professor who taught my Studio 2 class and 2D Design. Keep a look out for a post about what's on my desk and the most important supplies for design students in collaboration with a fellow classmate. Join me on my journey @noirandneutralsstudio on Instagram. With love, see y'all next time!

Are you an interior design or architecture student? Are you a design professional? Have something to add? Let's connect!

Below are examples of the projects/assignments I turned in this quarter.

Modern Architecture and Design Assignments (clockwise from top right):

Chapter assignment, chapter style guide, and VIP biographies.

Interior Design Studio 2 Projects (clockwise from top right):

The model with design intent, lounge car floorplan/bubble diagram/section/perspective/isometric, the cover page of the final presentation, and monochromatic renderings. Download the full presentation below!

Dom Mitchell Assignment No. 08 Final Process Book
Download PDF • 25.81MB


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