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Campus Life: 2022 Spring Quarter Classes

After having to, unfortunately (but fortunately) spend the 2022 Winter Quarter on the sideline due to all of the classes being full, I'm extremely excited to resume my journey in interior design and architecture on April 4th. One of the best things about this next quarter is that it's still virtual. During the 2021 Fall Quarter, my professor did an excellent job operating the class via Zoom and it also allowed me the freedom to travel to spend time with my fiance. The wait allowed me to get that same professor which only enhances my excitement; a professor who is familiar with your work and you're familiar with their expectations is a major plus.

This quarter, I expect to be pushed creatively as I have never been before. In Interior Design Studio 2, I learned so much about drawing/reading floorplans, sections, interior/exterior elevations, and modeling using various materials. Modeling was by far the hardest part for me, as the goal was to keep it simple, yet, creative and engaging but at the end of the quarter, I had found my stride. Personally, the whole purpose of school is to learn the processes and to progress from the starting point. For me, that definitely happened as my knowledge expanded and I was able to practice the techniques.

There will be a recap of the quarter with reviews and any projects can be found in the "projects" section on the website. If you're a student or perspective student, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, see you next time!

The Classes:

Interior Design Studio 2

Modern Architecture and Design

The Textbooks (linked):


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