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Campus Life: Fall 2022 Class Preview

Has anyone ever heard of COVID-19? Well, let's just say that because of the pandemic, when I made the switch to interiors and architecture, it was in the midst of this nationwide catastrophe which meant I have not had to attend class in person. That changes this quarter. 80% of me is excited... make that 92%. The remaining percentage is nervous about meeting some of my fellow design classmates in real life, fitting in the commute time, and juggling life's responsibilities which were a lot more manageable with asynchronous classes. However, while I enjoyed my time online, I have to admit that I was beginning to miss the connection with the other students as my journey progressed further.

Aside from that difference this quarter, this will also be my first quarter taking a studio class not instructed by my favorite professor. I still expect to be pushed creatively as I have never been before due to the fact that the class will be in person. It's a completely different vibe. Modeling has, by far, been the hardest skill for me to grasp but I've been practicing and am excited to grow in that area this quarter. The goal is simple, yet, creative and engaging. Being able to speak about my work in person will also be another growth area that I'm looking forward to enhancing as time goes on.

This will be my 3rd studio class and this will also be my second time taking color theory but the first time at this school. The color theory I experienced at the Art Institute leaned heavily on paints and materials so I'm curious as to how this course will play out. As always, there will be a recap of the Fall quarter with reviews and any projects worthy will be posted in that post and/or on social.

The Classes:

Interior Design Studio 3

Design Color (Color Theory)

Year 2 is officially underway and I'm beyond excited! Join me on my journey @noirandneutralsstudio on Instagram. With love, see y'all next time!

Are you an interior design or architecture student? Are you a design professional? Have something to add? Let's connect!


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