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Let's work together! I'm available for hire and am always looking for opportunities to build my portfolio. My specialty is creating bespoke spaces for mental & physical health by way of ergonomics, color psychology, sustainability/re-purposing, and ensuring the space is functional, yet beautiful to the owner of the space.

View my latest projects here.


If you'd like to work with me or have me look at any project, please contact me. Want a free design guide? Download yours below for free!

House Plan Review

01. Consultation (in-person or virtual)

In a  1-hour consultation, we'll go over color schemes, floor plans, decor options, budgets, and more to ensure you're completely prepared.

Building Plan II

02. Digital Design and Rendering

I will build your project from start to finish using SketchUp and will deliver photo-realistic rendering via Enscape.

Before & After-20.jpg

03. Interior Decor and Design

Blending two or three different styles together to create a gorgeous and unique space, talk with me about creating your space that doesn't look like anything else.

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