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How to Decorate a Smaller Space: A Quick and Easy Tip Anyone Can Do

Small spaces are notoriously known for one thing, or better yet, notoriously known for not having one thing: space. As it pertains to space, the challenge is almost always achieving balance. For example, a heavier object must always be paired with a lighter object to achieve said balance. Not putting all of the furnishings on one side of the room is another great example. When we're trying to figure out what size rug to get, how many seating options to add, or simply how much stuff we can fit nicely into our spaces, there's always one answer: Flow.

The flow of a space is the jelly to a small space peanut butter sandwich. When a place has flow, the space possesses intention and therefore will be as balanced as well as our picture frames hopefully are. What flow really means is leaving enough space for the human body to roam naturally without altering the natural body movement patterns. This not only prevents injury as we get older but prolongs the quality of life as well. The beauty of our spaces is an added bonus.

Here are a few quick guidelines to remember when styling a small space (varies depending on the height of the individual who owns the space):

  • Coffee table height- 16 to 18" (design)

  • Sofa depth- 32 to 40" (design)

  • Distance from coffee table to sofa- 18" (design)

  • Dining chair seat height- 18" (design)

  • Dining table height- 30" (design)

  • Space between dining chair and wall- 36" (design)

  • Avoid blocking seating with smaller items (design)

  • Keep all pathways open (design)

  • Seating needs to be close enough for discussions (connection)

  • Invite friends over to enjoy your flow-enhanced space! (community)

We hope this tip and guidelines have given some insight into our design process and helped in designing a space of your own. As always, we're open to questions so feel free to shoot them off when you have them, and be sure to stay tuned for next month's posts discussing how to create a balanced furniture plan. Subscribe here so you don't miss it!


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