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Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes: A Grand Lesson From My Mother

For multiple years, my childhood bedroom would go unchanged until one random day when my mother (with the help of my cousins at times) would suddenly change it while I was out playing because she thought I needed to do something different. I'll admit I didn’t grow up with much but I grew up blessed to say the least, and my mother did everything in her power to provide a good life for everyone around her. It still pissed me off though. Not because I didn’t like it or appreciate it but because I had zero input and wasn’t given a heads up. Until now, what I thought was happening was my mother changing things because she wanted to but those changes actually helped me later in life once I had a better understanding of interiors.

One day, I woke up and had a realization that the life in which was crafted and shifted for me, wasn’t truly for me anymore. What I had wasn't of poor quality or what have you but it hadn’t gotten me to where I desired to be. In other words, what I was surrounded by didn't reflect who I was as a person. Since I had no input in the changes, myself kept getting lost in all of the shifts until I forgot where I started from. I didn't love that fact and wanted to desperately change everything to reflect who I am and who I want to be while paying homage to my past. This is what I learned.


To change, we must first change our environment. If our environment is kept the same, so is your mindset, habits, movement patterns, and growth. Interior design and Architecture can subtly remind us what we need to do or provide silent encouragement but it does not enforce the changes we seek, unfortunately. However, that effect can be the kick-starter to the change we desire. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

I began a process to switch out all clothing of which came from previous relationships or situations in which recalled a negative memory. Poof. All gone. Even the socks. I deserved better. I deserved a fresh start. That fresh start meant there was now new energy to everything.

Piece by piece, I began crafting. Room by room, I began designing. Creating a flow that felt organic and beneficial to my mental and physical health felt amazing. Creating an image of which felt authentic to ensure I was presenting myself confidently, authentically, and accurately felt even better.

If we want to go further, we need to

1. Tell ourselves we deserved a better life

2. Surround ourselves with reminders.

"We are, for better or for worse, different people in different places."


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