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Details: Why Modeling is Key in Interior Design & Architecture

If there's one thing I wasn't prepared for when I began this journey into interior design and architecture, it was the fact that we have to build physical models of the spaces we create! As I learned, this is an integral piece of the development and learning process. Why would we build a physical model in today's world when we live in the age of a vast variety of technology to build it digitally? My thoughts exactly.

When I first began, my skills in the modeling game were trash (photo below). We built using only printer paper and it was harder than I thought but with plenty of practice and the inclusion of different materials, I'm getting better. It wasn't until the third studio class that I finally understood why modeling is so essential.

When we build physical models, it allows us to play with and narrow down the concepts of the space. We are developing a series of languages and consistency with each build. Furthermore, building a model creates a seamless vision for whoever lays their eyes on the project. We can't make a floor plan and expect whoever is building the space to know exactly what it looks like in our heads. This is where modeling shines.

The money is in the details! Do you want to highlight how the light will shine in the space? Build it. Do you want to show off a cool idea you have for a space? It's not cool until you can draw it, build it physically, then build it digitally. My advice? Pair up with a fellow classmate or someone who is good at crafting and build with them to get some help. Practice will only make us better and our careers will thank us later.

Sure, modeling takes time and it exerts an immense amount of energy due to frustration, details, and the emotions of getting through it all but as you'll learn, it's all worth it in the end. I'll include my latest project at the bottom of this post to show how the language begins to develop with each build.

It can only get better from here! Join me on my journey @noirandneutralsstudio on Instagram. With love, see y'all next time!

Are you an interior design or architecture student? Are you a design professional? Have something to add? Let's connect!


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