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We Are Our Surroundings: How Limiting Beliefs Affect Our Interiors

Welcome back to We Are Our Surroundings, a series dedicated to the discussion of how interior design and decor of our homes correlates with our mental and physical health.

When it comes to our homes, we're creatures of habits and we can get a real sense of who we are as a person by what we choose to have visible. Our inner beliefs are plastered throughout our homes. If we are a chaotic thinker, we'll have belongings reflecting as such or our homes will be messy/unfinished. If we're on the more reserved side, our homes will be kept spotless, organized, and our belongings tucked away nicely in hidden storage. If we're into photography, there will more than likely be cool images on the wall or a camera lying around. What we are interested in and what we truly believe about ourselves will show itself in messages around our home before any other physical place. What messages are we sending ourselves?

As it pertains to mental and physical health, to maintain or improve, it begins with what we believe about ourselves that will then translate into our physical interiors; unlocking hidden messages and supporting beliefs. If we believe ourselves to be a great cook or would love to be one, we'll have nice things in the kitchen or amazing cookware. Conversely, if we were to believe we’re messy, you know our place is more than likely disorganized followed with the excuse “sorry for the mess, I’m unorganized and have been all of my life” to any guests who dares to brave through our door. Think we’re worth a million dollars? Our wardrobe, skin care, furniture, and everything else will reflect such thoughts and be out in the open for us and anyone else to see, as if to say "yes, we deserve it." If we don't feel we're worthy of nice things or a better life, it'll be reflected on our walls, closets, bathrooms, etc. For better or for worse, we're living out the expectations we've subconsciously chosen to believe!

The first step we take at Noir & Neutrals is truly getting to know who the person is and who they see themselves becoming. Creating interiors is much more to us than creating a beautiful space. It has to speak to our clients. It has to improve their belief in themselves. It has to reflect who they are at the core and continuously pour love into them.

This is a large and difficult step for some of us to hurdle but it isn't insurmountable. We can believe it, therefore we can see it. Our interiors shape not only our mental health today, but tomorrow as well. Subtle messages from our interior spaces will go a long way in improving the quality of life or sustain it. When we believe we're worth it, seeing reinforcing messages will allow us to remain in a consistent mental pattern from when we wake to when we sleep. Love yourself and mind your interiors. Schedule a consultation today to see Noir & Neutrals in action. See you next time!


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