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How to Decorate a Smaller Space: 3 Quick Tips You Can Do Today

As we progress further in our lives, all of us at some point will encounter a small space. Whether it's a dorm room, a studio apartment, a first apartment, a fifth apartment, a first house, a guest room, or a reading nook/den (if you got it like that). One main question always comes our way someway, somehow: "how do I decorate this space when there isn't a lot of space?"

It's an excellent question and an overwhelming one, especially if you're the owner of a lot of stuff. So what's the answer? Some may say to donate unnecessary items, sell some of the belongings to replace them with new ones that fit better, or go the minimalist route. These are all good tips but they're not for everyone. What does one do when one doesn't fit the bill? Come to the Noir & Neutrals blog to learn 3 quick solutions we've learned through trial and error, that's what! Lets get into it.

1. Show off those legs!

When decorating a small space, think of how lighting works. If the furniture has no visible legs and goes straight down to the floor, the light stops right there. However, if the chosen furniture has visible legs, the light will travel underneath and around, having a dance with the table, chair, etc. This will make the space feel much larger than it is by simply allowing light to travel.

2. Mirror mirror on the wall, can you create a beautiful space if it's small?

Without a doubt! Want to make your space fill real large? Add mirrors and make them oversized. Mirrors enhance the space by allowing light to bounce off of it and giving the space a continuous vanishing point. Again, making the space feel so much larger than it actually is. Careful not to face the mirrors towards the bed, however. Whatever the mirrors face, you want to be sure it reflects something you're in love with. This is huge in Feng Shui and we at Noir & Neutrals are firm believers of energy and balance.

*Bonus points if the mirrors aren't on the floor.*

3. Dark or light? That is the question.

Painting goes so far. Some apartment complexes or rental spaces don't allow for paint but there are multiple ways around it that don't involve the hiring of contractors. Whether or not you can paint, this tip still applies: dark colors absorb light and light colors bring warmth and allow light to bounce. Noticing a theme? Light, light, light... let there be light! Dark colors are great for blinds to keep the heat out, accent colors to add a contrasted pop, and larger spaces. For smaller spaces though, stick with lighter paint or lighter color wallpaper (peel & stick subway tiles are also a great option for the kitchen).

*As we see in the image on the right, notice how the light "stops" once it hits the rug versus how it wraps around and hugs the pink chairs.*

Putting these tips in action is often easier said then done. Reach out to us! Learn our process on how we implement these changes while keeping things clutter-free, functional, and balanced. Did we mention their beautiful too? Subscribe to the blog and let us know if these tips helped and follow us on Instagram (@noirandneutrals) for quick tips, inspiration, and to join our community of creativity.


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