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Design Inspiration: Eileen Gray

Happy Thanksgiving to all and we at Noir & Neutrals wish everyone a fantastic day with their families and loved ones!

Gratefulness is a gift. We're beyond grateful for everyone that has shown their support, opened doors, believed in our services and style, and assisted in us getting to where we are today. Thank you, all.

Today, we're extending our appreciation and gratitude to a woman who has inspired us and really spoke to the values we carry today. A designer and architect, she was the first woman to hold such titles and designed until the day she passed. She designed spaces with carefully placed beautiful decor with the purpose of making spaces comfortable; made for people to actually live in. We connect you with Eileen Gray. We use the word "connect" with intent because going forward, once a month starting in January 2022, we'll be highlighting artists who we're digging and connecting you (the reader) to a new artist.

Paying attention to the tiniest of details made her stand out. We took note and pride ourselves on the details. The details are what make a space unique. We carry this value in the way we dress, the language we use, and our interactions. It has been said that Eileen Gray wasn't satisfied with her famous Bibendum Armchair as it was off by centimeters to inches of how she designed it. The manufacturer was demanded to remake them. The quality wasn't up to par. If the quality is not up to par, we will redo it until it meets our standards.

Her designs were solely meant for life and supporting the human body in navigating it. The Architectural Cabinet (circa 1922) was to "work in conformity to the human body". The focus of her designs dug deep into ergonomics, a notion of layering, and creating something practical and something beautiful. Most of the furniture she created was made to make the most of a small space but not sacrifice beauty as was the case with the ClassiCon Adjustable Table E 1027. A space that is beautiful should also be able to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones, no matter the size. Good design brings joy, peace of mind, and yes, are beautiful spaces that also care for the well-being and safety of others.

Eileen Gray's Iconic E-1027 House

As we design sustainable and functional spaces for mental and physical health, we do so with the inspiration of Eileen Gray in mind. Thank you.

A special thank you to the founder of Noir & Neutrals, Dom Mitchell's significant other, Steph Dang for the inspiration to write this article.


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