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We Are Our Surroundings: What Defines "Home"?

As We Design, So We Build

Welcome back to We Are Our Surroundings, a series dedicated to the discussion of how interior design and decor of our homes correlates with our mental and physical health.

What does "home" mean anyway? Let’s dive deeper into what home means because while the root of the word is always the same, it holds a different definition for everyone. For us, home means a place or space where we feel our most authentic selves. It doesn't have to be a physical house or apartment. It could be the library, the design studio, or even in our cars. "Home" is a place that succeeds in consistently making what’s important to us available and showing who we are at our core; it’s a showcase of things that matter to us.

Typically, who we are shows ourselves in our belongs as we discussed in previous posts. We use objects, colors, and materials to not only let others know who the f we are but also to remind ourselves who the f we are. Doing so can be one of the more powerful things we can do for our lives. Being touched by a beautiful object may very well say more about what's missing inside of us or making a roadmap visible to us of where we’d like to return back to. Let's hear from our lead designer, Dom, for his short personal story on the topic.

Dom: I keep a camera on top of my book shelf; sleek, bold, and something that stands out. It represents freedom, creativity, conversation, and a lightness. I used that medium to meet new people and aim to incorporate its meaning into my current everyday life as much as possible. There are days where I don't always feel bold or where creativity my be lacking but when I see that camera, it reminds me I have the tools to do anything I want.

We yearn and marvel at beauty due to it being an element that may be missing from who we are or has been stripped from our lives by societal expectations or work. If we are salty or sour people, beauty will be found in the round shapes of well-designed tables or cabinet knobs. If we are sweet, beauty will be found in the sharp corners of our furniture or in the savory food our mouths water over. We take time getting to know what your true desires and aspirations are to ensure we make your home a place for you to escape from the outside world and celebrate yourself; a place you undoubtedly will be willing to call home.

Stay tuned for more on the salty vs sweet take. What we like to eat also says a great deal about how our mental and physical interiors are designed.


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