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Cost-Effective: What Pieces To Invest In and What Not To

There's a huge misconception that a well-designed place costs a lot of money. While, yes, some pieces may cost a pretty penny but not all furniture/decor is created equal and therefore doesn't need to be splurged on equally. Knowing what to spend on isn't always as straightforward answer as we'd all like. For us, we like to learn about our clients and their values because from person to person, values tend to vary. So what's the answer? Keep reading below for examples and to make the best decision.

First, find your values and where you want to feel the best. If we value sleep and eating with family, we'll focus on the bedroom and kitchen or dining area. Let us say this before we really get into it: utilize what you already own and re-purpose it. This keeps the waste down and makes our spaces more sustainable/transitional.

For the bedroom, this is our domain. We spend the most time here; it's the last thing we see before we close our eyes and the first thing we see when we open them. What are you seeing? Are we waking up in a bed that supports deep sleep and recovery? Is our bed the correct height for our bodies? Do we feel our sheets make it feel as if we're laying in luxury? Are our walls bringing positive thoughts or reaffirming who we truly are?

What to invest in for the bedroom:

  • A well-made bed

  • Bed frame

  • Sheets/Duvet

  • Dresser

  • Artwork

For those of us who love the kitchen, this may be where we feel our most creative. Investing here pays off for years and years to come. We are worth the investment. By not investing in the areas we love, we sacrifice quality and send a message to our deep self that we aren't worth nicer things. We aren't saying go crazy and splurge on kitchen cabinet handles but a good knife or plate set? That can go a long way in starting to create a space that invigorates our best selves.

What to invest in for the kitchen:

  • Knives

  • Cookware

  • Well-made countertops

  • Dining room table

  • Dining room chairs

For general areas such as the living room, outdoor areas, and office, there are a few key rules on what to spend our money on. Invest in pieces in which will be around the longest. Investing $1000 in a sofa that will last 10+ years is actually a smarter financial decision than spending $300 on a sofa that will need to be replaced after 3 years of daily use.

Invest in couches/sofas, tables, desks, office chairs, one and I repeat... one favorite chair to start. Most things you can get away with being less generous. An $80 pillow? No need! We mean, unless it brings you absolute joy and your budget is built for that, then yes. But if you're not there, don't worry. You will be. Invest where you can on what you can. One item still sends a stronger message than no items at all. In previous posts, we discussed the benefit of surrounding yourself with nice things so you understand you're worth it. Start with one nice thing then allow that item to motivate you to bring in more.


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