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What is Interior Design to me?

Interior design is a subtle, yet, extremely powerful field with the capabilities to create functional and beautiful spaces that care for the well-being and safety of others. Physically and mentally, we are our surroundings. Our interiors can shape our lives, so to speak. Interior design can alter a mood, convey a message, change a body position, and leave an impression that lasts a lifetime.

My Design Principles

Designing means more than simply creating a beautiful space. While it certainly incorporates visual appeal, designing will be done while keeping in mind the responsibility and willingness to create beautiful interiors for others' mental and physical health today and tomorrow through design and space, color, ergonomics, and functionality.

Through design, I will use pieces and inspiration from my culture in the spaces I create, connecting clients to new artists, cultivating awareness, and building a community by creating opportunities and uplifting other creatives.

To design means to celebrate creativity. To design means I have a duty to celebrate my history. To design, if I am not myself, the design will be lackluster. Through design, I will add value to others' lives.

I will use pieces made by those of color whenever possible and they will be credited.

I will never be afraid to ask for help, partnership, or collaboration.

I must always design with the human body in mind.

Design must be authentic or it is not considered design.

Sustainability is a must.

Safety shall not be sacrificed for design.

On behalf of myself and Noir & Neutrals

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