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FALL 2022

SketchUP & Enscape

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Design Concept: Connection via Intentional Thresholds

From the introvert/extrovert to the regular customer that comes in every day at 8:15 am, to the student, to the business professional... there's something for everyone. This is a space to gather with friends, a space to get work done, a space with natural light and an open floor plan with implied thresholds, a space to have a quick bite to eat and interact with the regular barista, and a space to have privacy if you desire. With all of that in mind, the Noir Coffee Bar was born.

Entering the space, immediately you're welcomed by the coffee bar and barista. The floral wall may be missed upon entry but can't be ignored on the way out. It's specifically placed by the door to announce the entry or main exit of the space and to encourage a great selfie for an

Instagram feed.


All aisles, doors, seating, and counters are accessible and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

Noir & Neutrals Coffee Shop Floorplan.jpg
Noir & Neutrals Coffee Shop Annotation.jpg
Noir & Neutrals Coffee Shop Flow.jpg
Mitchell-Coffee Shop Styles-12.15.21.jpg
Mitchell-Coffee Shop Overall View-12.15.21.jpg
Noir & Neutrals Coffee Shop Concept-3.jpg
Noir & Neutrals Coffee Shop Concept-2.jpg
Noir & Neutrals Coffee Shop Concept-5.jpg
Noir & Neutrals Coffee Shop Concept.jpg
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